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Global Culture Travel focuses on the cultural side of travel – the people, the customs, the events, the FEEL of a place.

With so many guidebooks and especially with the Internet, we can all find the cheapest hotel to stay in, we can navigate public transit, find a restaurant, etc. But what most guides don’t talk about is WHY are we visiting a place, what do we hope to gain by spending our time and money on travel?

For us, it’s all about understanding the culture of that place better. We like to look under the surface, that’s where it gets most interesting. We’re always asking these questions:

Keli and Dave in Costa Rica

Keli and Dave living la Pura Vida en Costa Rica

– What’s different about this place versus others? How is it the same?
– What’s unique about the people here? How are they like me vs what makes them different?
– What would it be like to live here? What if I had grown up here?
– What are people like here versus other places?
– What are some typical things people do/say/believe here?
– What’s fun about this place? And what is not so great?
– How does it FEEL to be here? What specific things make up that feeling?
– What do we learn about our own culture back home from spending time in the new place?

We’ll share what we find! Text, photos, videos, whatever gets the point across best and in the most fun way. We hope you find it all as fascinating as we do!

Some regular features:

– Get Lost!
– Random Tour Guide
– Photo Essays
– Cultural Events
– Interviewing locals
– Literary notes
– World of Dance

Bios of Keli and Dave:

Whether traveling the world or back home in Santa Monica, Keli is always in motion. She is a university professor, teaching writing at USC, CSUN, and LBCC. Keli is also an award-winning screenwriter specializing in animation and live-action, always with a unique and fresh voice. For fun, Keli loves hip-hop dancing, hiking, kickboxing, and she’s always up for trying something new! Her travel dream destinations include Ireland, Africa, Greek Isles, Egypt, and getting to all 50 US states! Keli has a really interesting website at:

Dave’s greatest loves in life are: Keli, languages, culture, travel, people, and surfing. Dave’s love of travel started way back when his family took cross-country camping trips, the excitement of waking up every morning in a new place just never went away! Now the happiest moments are in motion, whether it’s a bike ride to the beach or a flight to Asia. Dave still has a day job as an IT consultant (Storage Admin and Unix Admin), working remotely from wherever the weather is nice and the natives are friendly. Dave’s travel dream is simple: go everywhere, meet every person, listen to every musical group, and participate in every cultural ceremony on earth! More practically, it would be great to visit all 7 continents, all 50 US states, and at least 100 countries!

Any questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

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