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Travels in Istanbul

Ozgehan Istanbul Interview Part 1

Video Interview with Ozgehan in Istanbul

When traveling, I love to learn about local culture from the source - the people who live there. I was lucky in Istanbul to meet a very friendly and intelligent guy named Ozgehan and he agreed to sit down in our Istanbul apartment for a short video interview to tell us all about life and… Read More

Istanbul Ancient Attractions Part 2

Suleymaniye Mosque Istanbul Turkey

Living in Istanbul as we did for a month, one of my strongest impressions was the feeling of living history. I don't get that feeling much back home in the US.  Especially in the west where we live, an "old" building means 50 years.  But walking around Istanbul, you regularly see Mosques such as Sultanahmet… Read More

Istanbul Ancient Attractions Part 1

Mosaic of Jesus and John the Baptist in Aya Sofya

To live in Istanbul is to be part of living history including at least 5000 years of human habitation back to around 3000BC. One of the reasons I love Istanbul so much is that a good deal of that history still remains. Istanbul is a very fought-over piece of real estate, due to its position… Read More

Istanbul from Above Video

Featured image for Istanbul from Above Video post

Living in Istanbul means daily views of one of the world's most beautiful cities, and many reminders of the city's history including 1500-year-old mosques. Check out this short 30-second video made at the top of Galata Tower, and looking over Istanbul's old city, with the busy Golden Horn waterway in the foreground. Enjoy!    … Read More

Get Lost in Istanbul

Get Lost in Istanbul

The first in our Get Lost! series, this short video was made when we'd been in Istanbul just a few days. We get lost walking around the winding streets until we find something interesting that reveals a bit about the culture and people of one of the world's most fascinating cities!    … Read More