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London Recommendations From Locals

Heading to London? Whether it's an upcoming trip or 'someday', enjoy these tips on Londoners' London. Our main travel goal is always to experience the places we visit as locals know them. We love to get a FEEL for the place, which we certainly did during our 5 weeks in London. We enjoy seeing the… Read More

Harry Potter Studio Tour London

We'd been looking forward to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London ever since our friend Sean had RAVED about it on his trip to London. Being fans of the books and movies, we were excited to see a very well-done tour of the studios where the movie magic happened - Warner Brothers filmed all… Read More

British English vs American English Words

One of the many things we love about traveling is finding all the small differences between the place we're visiting and our home base, the USA. We both grew up in the western part of the US (Colorado and California) and we are very accustomed to life there - it all seems very normal. When… Read More

Jack the Ripper and The Beatles London

Jack the Ripper and The Beatles. Not something you'd normally think of together, but this London trip had both! We never walk as much as when we travel. We love walking back home in our lovely Santa Monica, CA, but on the road we really rack up the walking miles. My legs get so strong… Read More

Wimbledon London

Growing up in the US, my whole family looked forward to Wimbledon each summer. Those were the days of Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and Martina Navratilova. To a young kid in the suburbs, Wimbledon was an exciting glimpse of a faraway place where the culture was different, people talked different -… Read More